Confessions of a Progressive Gun Nut
Jon Stokes


Thank you for writing this. I find myself largely in agreement with your thesis, as one who would like to live in a world where no guns are needed, even by the authorities. Indeed, my ideal world would be one where everyone is free to purchase, own, and carry the firearm of his or her choice, but where almost no one bothers, because they don’t feel the need. And I would include the uniformed authorities in this as well.

If the “Arc of History” leads to this end, then great! But for the moment it appears to be very distant and unlikely.

I suspect that if you suggest to your anti-gun friends that you will give up your arms when the police and military give up theirs, they will look at you as though you are crazy, but that is where this movement must end, if we are really to build the kind of world we all claim to want.

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