GPF Review: November 2015

Feature Article

Scholars Program for African Youth to Expand

Yale University announces the expansion of the Yale Young African Scholars Program, a summer academic and leadership training program connecting African high school students to Yale students, faculty and staff.

The expansion is supported by a new partnership with the Higherlife Foundation, a philanthropic organization that focuses on empowering African children through education. Through the partnership, the program will be offered in three countries each summer; over the next three years, 900 African high school students will be able to participate in the program. The expansion was announced simultaneously in New Haven and in Rwanda at the African Philanthropy Forum, which aims to build a community of African philanthropists and social investors. Read More…


Events from GPF, Our Members and Our Community

Save the Date: 2016 GPF Conference
April 4–6, Hotel Sofitel, Redwood City, CA

Registration opens December 1, 2015

Talks & Videos

A Collection of Videos from the GPF Library

Philanthropy 360º: Carol Dahl, Executive Director, The Lemelson Foundation

How can invention address big challenges in philanthropy? Carol Dahl, Executive Director of the Lemelson Foundation, believes that impact inventing has the to power to deliver solutions directly to communities most in need. In this video, Dahl shares how philanthropy can leverage business thinking to become more effective. Watch Now…

Philanthropy 360º: Neal Keny-Guyer, CEO, Mercy Corps

How can philanthropy help fragile communities build stability? Neal Keny-Guyer, CEO of Mercy Corps believes that local advocates do extraordinary things. For Keny-Guyer, philanthropy needs to embrace local innovation, research and evidence-based thinking. In this video, he shares how social change can become more effective. Watch Now…

Philanthropy in the News

Summaries of Top News Related to Strategic Philanthropy

Everything on the Table: How the Heron Foundation Does Impact Investing
Inside Philanthropy, November 11, 2015

Impact investing has been on a lot of people’s minds lately in philanthropy, including ours. We are curious about how different foundations imagine and develop their strategies, and the Heron Foundation is one funder that’s been a real leader in this area. As we’ve previously reported, Heron is moving its full endowment of some $300 million into investments that align with its mission by the end of 2017. Read More…

Applying Business Sense to Philanthropy in the Gulf
The National, November 10, 2015

Hassan Al Damluji sums up the philosophy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation like this: “Our bottom line is to do good in the world.”

It is a neat way of expressing the alliance between big business — the “bottom line” beloved of billionaires everywhere — and philanthropy. The founder of Microsoft and his wife have brought a new professionalism and commercial awareness to the world of “charity” in the 15 years since the foundation was launched. Read More…

Ford Foundation Spells Out Cuts to Make Way for Its Shift in Focus to Inequality
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, November 9,2015

Under a new strategy announced today, the Ford Foundation will double the amount it provides to grantees to cover administrative overhead costs and steer $1 billion over five years toward strengthening social-justice organizations. At the same time, it will cut its support of several initiatives, including LGBT rights in the United States, direct cash transfers in Latin America, and microfinance. Read More…

Major Foundations, Eager for Big Change, Aim High
The New York Times, October 31, 2015

Climate change, inequality and a broken criminal justice system are the issues du jour, commanding headlines and emerging as major talking points in the presidential campaign. They are also, increasingly, the focus of some of the nation’s largest philanthropies. Read More…

Philanthropy Moves to Protect Land Rights
Alliance Magazine, October 14, 2015

Providing enough food, the most basic of human needs, has proven to be one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Fortunately, with advances in technology, transportation and agriculture, we are making real progress. But despite these gains, millions of people remain in extreme poverty. Read More…