Welcome to #SEOchat

As a part of my Social Media Management class through the University of Florida, I part took in the #SEOchat on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

As I prepared for the chat I logged into tweet deck and added the hashtag to my activity, so that I could see what people were posting about as they used the hashtag. After I introduced myself in my original tweet I immediately felt welcome to the chat. It was great to meet other people in my class by using the hashtag. I even saw people from different schools across the country such as UNT.

After making my first tweet and seeing all the other tweets through the hashtag the conductor of the #SEOchat, Emily Christopher (@emily_C27), did a cool welcome recognizing that there were some new tweeters in the #SEOchat.

Shortly after she welcomed the new tweeters I received a notification on my phone saying that I was added as a member to two differ SEO chat lists. It was nice that as soon as tweeted that I was joining their chat they added in me in the list to make it easier to respond. As the chat went on Emily started the conversation by explaining the rules in one simple tweet.

“Glad you’re all here! You may know the drill, lead each answer with an A1..A2..and so on. Let’s jump right in with Q1 ‪#seochat”

After she explained it was pretty simple to understand how the chat worked. Retweet, quoting and positing organic tweets was really easy. Everyone was so helpful with the questions and answers. It was cool to see although everyone was across the country (or world) we could all understand the chat and easily respond to each other.

The only con I had about the entire chat is that it was an hour long, which clearly made sense with the amount of questions and response you received. Using Tweetdeck helped a lot, but it was hard to keep up with responding to questions. At one point I went from Q4 to Q6 simply, because I put my phone down for a few minutes. I think that having a chat that long is good, but also lost my interest. It lost my interest, because I got tired of just sitting on my laptop reading response after response. For the most part I had fun and would probably join into another chat, but probably not the #SEOchat. While I might not join in the #SEOchat again I did find it extremely informational.

It is definitely something I think every company should invest in doing.

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