The “Carbon” reducing, America building- .6 — 1 Trillion infrastructure plan that is REVENUE NEUTRAL and puts hundreds into every households pocket and thousands back into businesses every year when done.

The US grid was considered one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century by the National Academy of Engineering.

This was a great accomplishment, but it is outdated, inefficient, leads to growth stagnation and wastes BILLIONS a month.

Estimates are wide ranging so I go low:

We spend between 1.2T to 1.4T on electricity in America a year and waste A LOT from power plant to your electrical meter.

Estimates of waste are from 35–55% from plant to meter and a new electrical grid lowers that to under 20%.

So we’ll use 1 trillion spent and 20% wasted plant to meter to be on the FAR SIDE of safe and 200 BILLION A YEAR.

While this does not lower your household or business use after the meter, it does drop your electricity use getting to your meter.


This raises GDP growth bc lower waste equals lower cost and more electricity available for new factories- all but marxists and American hating globalists love that.

Now we can INSOURCE from dirtier outsourced production, because our FOOTPRINT, not usage, is what matters with CO2, right Bill Nye?

Paris’ outsourcing RAISED OUR FOOTPRINT way more that it reduced our usage. Logic makes Paris Accord smell like Pepe LePew.

How do we pay for it?

AFTER completed we pay back the money through a portion of our reduced bill, part of those Savings goes towards paying back the bond, and part ALSO would be used for a new grid elsewhere.

Not one cent added to the deficit or your electricity bills.

The 100-200 billion dollar bond would be multiplied to pay for an entire new grid. The more you start with the quicker it’s completed and the quicker Americans have more money in their pockets.

You’d start at the biggest bottle necks, largest wastes of electricity, and most citizens affected first, and work down from there.

This also spurs innovation of green energy because with a new grid, one can add a small solar or wind or new technology to the grid without the difficulties they face today that hurt green innovation, also easier to start a new factory.

This plan can also work other infrastructure plans that save money AFTER COMPLETED. Just A Few examples… new levy, water main reduces insurance costs, after completed, a use fee, of NOT MORE than the savings, would pay it back over time.

Other out of the box idea to get the ideas flowing : Dams made ONLY to divert excess rain water into the ground would be paid back by farmers using ground water costing a fraction of a penny per gallon. That are not blocking the river, just diverting water in times of plenty Up stream or down.

The possibilities of ideas are so many- AS LONG AS THE MATH WORKS, and it reduces costs in the long run — all red tape should be cut and move forward immediately.

And the savings would pay for more infrastructure projects, and it gains momentum…. Perpetual infrastructure plans FOR FREE that raise the GDP… Perpetually

In my opinion we take 5% of savings for infrastructure plans with lots of benefits but little return on investment. Greed, MAGA & a heart, for free!

A G Phelps

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