A New Era for Respiratory Therapy in SNFs

Gregory Pino
1 min readDec 27, 2019

When we launched DynamicRT, we envisioned a program that would optimize clinical outcomes and reimbursement by promoting the proper and timely utilization of respiratory therapy. It’s been amazing to see how deeply this idea has resonated with our customers and we are more committed than ever to extending the reach of our vision.

For some SNFs, the road to a compliant PDPM respiratory program can be bumpy. Respiratory therapy is underutilized due to past therapy-centric payment models and the unavailability of timely assessments. Increasing utilization takes time and above all else requires nursing engagement — without which no program can be successful. DynamicRT combines proprietary technology and a team of remote respiratory care practitioners to create a program that empowers nursing like never before.

DynamicRT was founded by respiratory therapists who have been enduring advocates for quality respiratory care in the post-acute setting. We’ve learned so much in 14 weeks, but this is just the beginning. We look forward to sharing this journey with our customers and their residents.