And this novel happened!

How I became a fan of Mrs. Sudha Murty’s writing and what her novels taught me about life.

It was way back in 2011, 15 August to be precise when I got the chance to read one of her books. I had won the first place in my Higher Secondary Quizzing Competition and the prize was a book — Wise and Otherwise.

Never ever judge a book by it’s cover

Believe me, that’s what I did. My journey as a reader started with Harry Potter and fiction was my favourite genre. I wasn’t very keen on moving away from the magical world of Harry Potter. I refused to read anything from a different genre unless I found it interesting on the very first glance.

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I handed it over to another friend for reading as studies kept me busy and there was hardly any time to read. A year later, I took it back from her. She gave me a decent feedback on the book and that’s when I realised I missed out on reading it.

If I ask friends for book reviews and if they give me a negative one, unknowingly, it affects me to an extent that when I read the first few pages of that same book, I instantly give up. Not my cup of coffee. So I prefer not asking opinions. Thank God she loved it :)

I started reading the book and I loved it too.

What followed was me buying her other non-fiction short stories - The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk - Life Stories from Here and There and The Old Man And His God. The Old Man And His God is my favourite among all the three.

The book is a collection of short stories which captures the human virtues of generosity and simplicity in a simple yet subtle way. From an old couple in Thanjavur who refuse her the money even though they need it, she learns that money is not everything and realises the value of contentment in The Old Man And His God . When the sons of the master and the servant become brothers, she understands that love is beyond blood relations in The Tale Of Two Brothers . She talks of honesty and how money and fame should not rob this virtue from any individual in The Deserving Candidate.

My personal favourite is A Buddhist on Airport Road. Mrs. Murty meets an old friend of hers, who complains about everything in her life, right from her disobedient daughter-in-laws to overburdening in-laws to troublesome relatives and friends. “What is a happy life?”, she asks her friend.

“What you are dreaming of is utopia. Your dream is an impossible one. The world is full of difficulties and unfulfilled desires just as the earth is full of dust and mud. If you want to keep your feet clean in this muddy world, either cover the entire earth of wear sandals”

As for the name of the story,

As they reached the Airport Road, Who told you this, the friend asked.

“I was not fortunate enough to hear the lines from the guru himself as he was born 2,500 years before me. He was the Buddha”.

“When did you become a Buddhist?”

Just now,in front of you.”

From the PREFACE

I have often wondered what it is about these experiences that has been appreciated by readers in all corners of the country. I have come to the conclusion that it is because they are all simply told and true. After all, there is something within all of us that attracts us to the truth.

Initially I was a mother to the Infosys Foundation. Somewhere along the line, it became the mother and I the child. Holding it’s hands, I have journeyed many miles, faced praise and criticism.

A must read!!!