Dear JavaScript,
James Kyle

I do not endorse hate language and personal insults as well as un-constructive criticism. (in the end of the day it’s not constructive). But let’s make one thing clear: being a contributor/maintainer of a library/framework/tool like Babel or Angular2 means one of two things 1) you’re already hired full time to work on that specific OSS by a company that pays you — and pays you well 2) you’re enjoying or soon will be enjoying a nice contract with a company that hires you mainly because of that work (and that’s fair!).
The work for OSS is (indirectly) rewarded, and that way it becomes a “job”, and like any other job it’s not always rainbows and unicorns. You will always have “a boss” (whether an actual, or a client) who will nag about breaking changes, bugs, etc.

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