The Sad State of Entitled Web Developers
Una Kravets

(I work in Europe’s biggest Startup Accelerator, we use almost no such technology, yet we manage and create billion euros of business worth.)
Una Kravets I think you missed a very important point. You’re saying “you have a problem, submit a PR”. 
I fully understand this is the principle of OSS, but you know, we’re not always talking about fooling around with a web prototype or experimenting for a startup that’s on paper while we’re drinking coffee in our nearby Starbucks. We are talking about real-life, full-time, jobs and projects. Jobs for which we (could potentially) use these frameworks because our techlead/cto/manager asked for them specifically. 
Using a technology for real-life projects for which there are deadlines and paying your rent depends on them means we expect (you call that entitlement?) that there is SOME kind of stability / maturity, high-level documentation of these tools, frameworks and libraries we count on. 
I hope my poor English was enough to make my point clear: Some of us, hell, most of us 9–18:00 web developers are caught between all the hype and the fact that most of these technologies are neither standardized nor feel mature enough to be used in a corporate or even semi-corporate environment.