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It looks easy, doesn’t it? “I’ll just wake up, grab the kitchen chair, balance this small old monitor I have since 6 years ago under a set of thick cooking books no-one’s ever bothered to read and I’m ready to go! Look at me -No commute!” — “Oh wait — what about headphones?”

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That will do.

Let’s take a step back for a little

I’m a firm believer of investing into things I tend to use the most or have a direct or indirect impact on my well-being. …

Some years ago, while traveling back home to Athens, I realised that if I ever decided to move back, I would have to make a difficult decision.

On the one hand, being able to work with and for clients and employers located in booming job markets such as Berlin, London, Amsterdam or Paris. On the other, I would have to keep living in one of these metropolis. This was an energy-consuming recurrent dilemma which was breaking my focus from other, more productive things.

Fast forward few months later, I started getting reports and experiences on remote work. Ex colleagues, friends, remote-only companies ( Gitlab, Automattic ), and the vibrant digital nomad community. …


How to properly include Bootstrap into your project using Gulp while keeping it isolated, upgradable and compilable.

First, two big no-no’s

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Rules of bootstrap — Fight Club
  1. Don’t manually copy/paste the bootstrap source to your project.

In my early days, I would copy over the entire Bootstrap source in my project, because it seemed the only logical way. Apparently, it’s possible to keep Bootstrap in your npm packages so you can upgrade it with a single npm command, and avoid importing it using crazy paths that point to your node_modules directory. Read on.

2. Don’t include the full bootstrap.min.css file in your HTML

You won’t have access to Bootstrap’s SASS variables and you won’t be able to remove components you don’t use. You’ll end up with much more CSS than what you actually need. …


George Katsanos

Frontend-Developer living in Berlin, interested in Technology, Politics, Getting things done, Philosophy and Science.

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