The Legend of the Self Made Man is Bullshit.
Jon Westenberg

Dear Jon,

For the past 5 minutes, I feel the urge to speak, but have been looking for an adequate response. One that would express my gratitude for today’s post and a bunch of previous ones which I have read and slowly simmered in my brain. I was not sure what to say, but now I resolved to write something really simple, sincere.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me (and many others). Sometimes the light goes off. We are puzzled, lost, we are left asking ourselves - more or less consciously — what to do next or who to turn to. Or even if there is someone to turn to. And after a while, someone we do not know comes and turns the light on again. We all owe a warm “thank you” to those who one day, generally unaware of it, have helped us find the way. You did it for me. More than once. You are one of many I am often inspired by in my never ending quest to be, as I often say, a “decent human being”.

All the best,


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