No Worship Without Skin in the Game
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Dear Nassim Nicholas,

Mdm says you had at the very least 178 readers, but not a single commentator... until now. Why? I suspect that many fellow readers are like me: Eager to read your next posts, more than happy to learn — each one of your articles is a dense combination of history, anthopology, sociology, psychology, and philosophy-, and in the same time, humbled. For me, holding up what I know against how much I tought I knew — very little in fact — highlighted by the huge info you pack into a single post is never an easy task. It leaves me shaken, uncertain for a while. So I don’t comment.

However, today, I dare to step into this inconfortable light to thank you for helping me acquire a more enlightened mind, a finer understanding of the world and its “apparatus”, and hopefully to better engage in the service of myself and my acquaintances.

All the best,