Do Women Really Want Equality?
Nikita Coulombe

Dear Nikita,

Thanks. What a relief to hear this… from a woman. These past few years, reading so many posts about “those men” written by women, and posted on platforms such as this one, I was starting to ask myself if having been born a man, I was part of the dregs of society. You helped me reconcile me with myself. You reminded that though I am not perfect, but I am far from being a natural disaster or a genetic aberration.


PS: Good luck and take care. As the proverb says: “Keep a horse ready for the woman or the man who speaks the truth. She or he will need it to escape.”

PS2: This said. I never would ask or support the idea that articles, regardless of the subject or point of view, be censured. First I believe in the positive outcome of debate. Second: I have never learned anything from someone whose ideas were similar to mine.

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