Pierre, you make a good case for every American to recognize that there is no “other”, no violent…
Shawn Schmid

Dear Shawn,

I read your reply. You do not agree with what I wrote. And that’s OK. I know I am not perfect and might miss something, but if I wait until I am perfect to enter the arena, I will spend my life on society’s sidelines. I like your tone and the extra light you shed on the issue.

After sending my reply, I continued investigating. And I discovered the horrible (and that’s an understatement) number of sexual assaults on American campuses. In great majority against women. One out of 4 to 6 female students is assaulted during the first 3 years. That’s an average of 20 %. I don’t know if the numbers are as high in Canada, but I certainly think we, as societies, have been criminally blind to a major (once again an understatement) issue. We have left universities turn into “fucking-up people (mostly young women) plants”. We have not kept students, fraternities, administrators and boards accountable for their security, morality or even basic human respect balance sheets. So they took advantage of our silence and trust to hide the facts under the rug. At 20%, it is impossible that they are not aware. To me, this is criminal behavior.

I wrote that we should focus on making sure the rapist and the judge are made fully accountable for their behaviors. I now extend my call for action to university managements, and university ranking organizations. It is time we get to see a credible assessment of the value of the institutions young women and men trust for their instruction, education, as well as physical and mental wellbeing and get to know what is going on behind our backs.


PS For those who asked. Despite being a male, yes I know what sexual assault feels like. Once at 7, and once at 13 (+ or -).

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