Lessons Learned Hiring Ghostwriters
Andrew Kamphey

Dear TA,

I am sorry, but as a French speaking — and writing — ghostwriter (the guy who actually writes and does a large part of the shit), and as you are going public, I feel I must make a wakeup call: “Good morning, Mr. TA. It is 7 o’clock and you are not a writer.” At least, not the sole author of your book. In your case, it seems you provided most of the ideas, your signature and dedications. This is not to be underestimated.

However — and it might come a shock — coming up with the ideas, may not be the easiest part, but it is not the main contribution either. It’s like maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of the job. Writing up an interview plan and executing it, collecting the ideas, sorting and editing them, organizing this core into a coherent set, and then materializing it into an entertaining, relatively artistic flow of 40 000 to 60 000 words (average book), beefing it up by searching and adding stories and examples along the way is heavy stuff as well, dont you think?

It’s like the car one buys from a car dealership. It is “signed” by the assembly plant owning corporation, but this single name does not provide the complete manufacturing picture. The ore was extracted in a foreign country, the mining company is not part of the assembly plant group, neither is the steel or aluminum company, and often times neither is the part maker. And to those corporations, you have to add hundreds of individuals who as employees sell their knowledge, experience, and workforce. In the end, the name on the grill and the trunks is… merely an illusion, as well as publicity for the final Deus ex Machina.

I could go on for the list above is the tip of the iceberg. Among other aspects, dealing with a ghostwrited author is never a piece of cake. A subconscious cognitive dissonance turns them into divas or even bullies. Should you be willing to hear the rest and dive in with me, make some time and buy me a cup of coffee.

All the best,


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