Highlights of the City Six universities

The gorgeous Drexel University Admissions building. Fun Fact: This building was dedicated in 1891 by Anthony A. Drexel.
The very notorious Drexel Dragon statue. Fun Fact: This statue is known as “Mario the Magnificent’ in honor of Mario V. Mascioli, an alumnus and former member of the Board of Trustees.
A snapshot at the beginning of Drexel University’s campus. Fun Fact: The cooperative program (co-op) was introduced to the university in 1919.
Temple’s campus sure does look gorgeous at night during the fall. Fun Fact: The university’s symbol, the Temple “T”, was designed by a student in Temple’s Tyler School of Art. It was a content to create a symbol, and was officially adopted in 1983.
Your would never think that Temple University was located in the heart of North Philadelphia from it’s gorgeous historic buildings. Fun Fact: Temple has an two international campuses, one in Japan and one in Rome.
The Temple University Alumni Circle. Fun Fact: This monument is designed to reflect sound, particularly human voices.
The very photogenic “Oreo” located right in front of Dougherty Hall at Villanova University. Fun Fact: Some of the major campus celebrations have occurred here including celebratory vandalism in the wake of the 1985 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.
The beautiful St. Thomas of Villanova Church located at Villanova University. Fun Fact: This church was first constructed from 1883–1887, then renovated in 1943 and 1992.
The Our Lady of Good Council statue located at Villanova University. Fun fact: This statue was has been moved a handful of times.
An inside snapshot of UPenn’s very prestigious Wharton School of Business. Fun Fact: The Wharton School of Business is the world’s first collegiate school of business.
The famous statue of Ben Franklin located in front of UPenn’s College Hall. Fun Fact: Benjamin Franklin was the primary founder of the university and President of the Board of Trustees.
University of Pennsylvania’s iconic Franklin Field. Fun Fact: It hosted the first commercially televised football game, was once the home field of the Philadelphia Eagles, and was the site of early Army-Navy games.
La Salle University’s school of Nursing. Fun Fact: This building is the old Germantown Hospital.
The famous Christian Brother statue at La Salle University. Fun Fact: La Salle was founded in 1863 by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian.
La Salle University’s old business school. Fun Fact: The new school of Business will be ready in fall of 2016!
If you don’t take a picture of Barbelin Tower, are you really a Saint Joe’s student? Fun Fact: Barbelin Hall was built by a man named John McShain who would later go on to construct many significant structures such as The Pentagon and The Jefferson Memorial.
Saint Joe’s legendary Hagan Basketball arena! Fun Fact: Michael J. Hagan ’85, and his wife, Joyce, are the lead benefactors for the most comprehensive enhancement of athletic facilities in Saint Joseph’s history.
The Pope Francis visited Saint Joseph’s University on 9.27.15. Fun Fact: The Pope’s visit came as a surprise to the university and almost did not happen as the university was not a “cleared” location. Pope Francis, a Jesuit himself, came to bless the university’s newly dedicated statue, “Synagoga and Ecclesia in Our Time.”
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