For the following step I assume that you have Terraform already configured and the DigitalOcean provider retrieves the authentication token from the DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN environment variable.

If you have an old provider version you’ll need to upgrade the provider using terraform init -upgrade as the capability was added to provider as part of pull request #71 which is included in v1.0.0.

First we need to lookup the key id for the DNS resource record that we want to import through the DigitalOcean REST API:

We then use this ID to import the record into Terraform:
terraform import digitalocean_record.ns[0],25712647

Now you can execute terraform plan again and take it from there.

Gesendet am 29. Jänner 2017 an

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Ich lebe in Wien und bin seit über 15 Jahren in der IKT-Branche tätig und derzeit Geschäftsführer eines noch sehr kleinen IKT-Unternehmens mit Sitz in Wien und habe mir die Digital Roadmap Austria der Bundesregierung angesehen.

Ich finde…

It’s good to see that the Mac at IBM program is well and good. Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service, gave a presentation about the current state of the deployment at the JAMF Nation User Conference.

Fletcher Previn presenting at JAMF Nation User Conference — Courtesy of JAMF Software

To date, IBM has already deployed 30,000 MacBooks to IBMers; when an employee’s laptop is…

I have to say that at one point I really liked the GPL license and the idea behind it. I always thought that it is weird to call it viral.

A few years ago the Software Freedom Law Center published an opinion that the WordPress themes are also covered by…

Tokens, U2F, and the real world

The use of two-factor authentication for personal use, even for online banking, never really caught on.

The only device that was at least slightly promising was the YubiKey, but there wasn’t really much adoption for it as the various operation modes all had their fair share of issues.

  • HOTP was…

James Surowiecki wrote in a very inspiring article titled “What does procrastination tell us about ourselves?”:

“There’s something comforting about this story: even Nobel-winning economists procrastinate! Many of us go through life with an array of undone tasks, large and small, nibbling at our conscience.”

Task lists never really worked…

In one of my recent projects we were using Business Monitor and the embedded Cognos BI. During the implementation of the automated installation and configuration scripts it became apparent that not everything was scriptable, as I would’ve expected from my past experience with IBM products.

Configuration of certain Cognos parameters…

Asynchronous event-driven web applications

The cloud means different things to different people, but we all agree that it for sure isn’t like your own data center. You don’t control the hardware or virtualization layer, you mostly don’t control the operating system…

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