Import DigitalOcean DNS Records to Terraform

Gerhard Poul
Oct 1, 2018 · 1 min read

For the following step I assume that you have Terraform already configured and the DigitalOcean provider retrieves the authentication token from the DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN environment variable.

If you have an old provider version you’ll need to upgrade the provider using terraform init -upgrade as the capability was added to provider as part of pull request #71 which is included in v1.0.0.

First we need to lookup the key id for the DNS resource record that we want to import through the DigitalOcean REST API:

http “Authorization:Bearer $DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN”

We then use this ID to import the record into Terraform:
terraform import digitalocean_record.ns[0],25712647

Now you can execute terraform plan again and take it from there.

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