Apple to developers: There is no escape.
Quincy Larson

Now that we’ve all dealt with our feelings after Apple’s announcement of the new MacBook Pro, lets remind ourselves why we’re using Macs — apart from the fact that they’re just extremely shiny:

  • They’re built by a company that cares about stupid details many others just plainly get wrong and that results in pretty decent hardware
  • It runs all the tools that developers need, many we don’t need, and it also runs tools that aren’t even available on Linux
  • The international keyboard on Mac OS X is just great; much better than on any other operating system
  • Time Machine is one of the most frictionless backup solutions and the amount of effort to get bare metal restore on other systems feels kind of odd
  • Closed-clamshell mode is supposed to work and supported by Apple
  • Font rendering and scaling of applications works as it should without blurry crap and without reconfiguring it every time we connect a different monitor
  • Drivers mostly work; no fiddling with the settings of WiFi or graphics drivers
  • Standby and resume from sleep works reliably

Let’s just hope they haven’t screwed up the Touch Bar and keyboard enough that you can’t use vi or emacs anymore.