For the following step I assume that you have Terraform already configured and the DigitalOcean provider retrieves the authentication token from the DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN environment variable.

If you have an old provider version you’ll need to upgrade the provider using terraform init -upgrade as the capability was added to provider as part of pull request #71 which is included in v1.0.0.

First we need to lookup the key id for the DNS resource record that we want to import through the DigitalOcean REST API:

http “Authorization:Bearer $DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN”

We then use this ID to import the record into Terraform:
terraform import digitalocean_record.ns[0],25712647

Now you can execute terraform plan again and take it from there.

Gesendet am 29. Jänner 2017 an

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Ich lebe in Wien und bin seit über 15 Jahren in der IKT-Branche tätig und derzeit Geschäftsführer eines noch sehr kleinen IKT-Unternehmens mit Sitz in Wien und habe mir die Digital Roadmap Austria der Bundesregierung angesehen.

Ich finde es sehr positiv, dass die IKT als eine Zukunftsbranche für den Standort Österreich identifiziert wurde. …

It’s good to see that the Mac at IBM program is well and good. Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service, gave a presentation about the current state of the deployment at the JAMF Nation User Conference.

To date, IBM has already deployed 30,000 MacBooks to IBMers; when an employee’s laptop is due for replacement after 48 months, they get a choice of which new laptop to replace it with and every week 1,900 IBMers choose to replace their old laptops with new MacBooks.

Previn notes that only 5% of Mac users call the help desk compared to 40% of PC users. You got to wonder though, whether the 35% of Mac users who don’t call haven’t just figured out that calling the help desk at IBM is a waste of time anyways. Most people only call them for password resets or when a server is down, although you could as well wait until the server is restarted on its own to save your time. …


Gerhard Poul

Software Engineer with an interest in Cloud Platforms and DevOps

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