How to participate in the Graphene Power Pre-Sale. Wallet instructions.

Graphene Power Pre-Sale address will be published on the official website on the day of Pre-Sale — 20th of December

Only Ether (ETH) is accepted.

Use only official Graphene Power Pre-Sale Address. Don’t use any address sent to you by e-mail or chats.

Don’t send from exchange accounts, only from personal wallets such as Myetherwallet.

Set a gas limit to 200.000 before sending ETH.


Start date: 20 December 2017 12:00 PM GTM +1
End date: 10 January 2018 12:00 PM GTM +1

1 ETH = 6000 GRP

Graphene Power Pre-Sale event will automatically finish as soon as the limit of 5000 ETH is reached

Minimum transaction = 0.1 ETH

Step 1 — Ether (ETH) purchase

In order to participate in Graphene Power Pre-Sale you will need to have Ether (ETH). You can purchase ETH with your Visa or Master card by using such services as:



Some of these service providers are more expensive than others, please conduct your own research regarding where to purchase Ethereum at the best rate.

As soon as you purchased Ether — you will need to create a wallet. We recommend using MyEtherwallet, which is reliable and easy to use. Please find instruсtions below.

Step 2 — Create Ether Wallet

1. Go to

2. Enter a strong password and click “Create new wallet

3. Store your Private Key. Click “Download Keystore File (UTC/JSON)

4. Once the Keystore File has been downloaded, click “I understand. Continue.

5. You can also save or write down your private key

6. Click “Save your address

7. Now, to see your address, upload your private key.

To do so, click “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)

8. Upload your Keystore file.

9. Enter your password and click “Unlock

10. Once your wallet is unlocked, you can scroll down to see all details.

Including the wallet address which you’ll need in order to send ETH from the exchange.

Step 3 — Send Ethereum from exchange to your wallet

Once you established wallet — send Ether from Exchange created in Step 1 or any other existing exchange to your wallet created in Step 2.

Step 4 — Send Ethereum to Graphene Power Pre-Sale address

Having received ETH on your wallet , you can participate in Graphene Power Pre-Sale.

Choose “Send Ether & Tokens” in the menu. Unlock your wallet with the JSON file and your password or with Private key.

Enter the Graphene Power Pre-Sale address seen on website and amount of the transfer.

Set Gas Limit to 200 000, click generate the transaction.

Address for sending ETH will be published on the website on the day of Pre-Sale.