The Vision For GPS Riding

I was recently asked to write a thought piece on GPS’s vision. And here I was thinking.

When I started GPS Riding, my goal was to combine fun, web3, the metaverse, NFTs, everyday non-crypto natives and Gen-Zers.

I imagine millions of young people riding with their bikes and smartphone each morning, sharing a top-notch cardio workout to their health, providing value to the world and getting compensated. And the compensation would come in the form of GPS, a crypto token that users earn while exercising using the app. It’s like building a digital Uber, where people drive for each other, but instead of requiring these drivers to figure out how to take a fee from each ride, they can let consumers keep everything, and they will be able to drive from real world to a metaverse world. The riders would instead be rewarded with GPS for helping to build the GPS Ecosystem, build a digital sharing economy of equal opportunity.

I imagine a day when there are thousands of different places where people can go to share their NFT bike racing passion with the world in a metaverse setting, GPS Riding can provide the basis for a community of like-minded people to form, create realistic experiences by offering cyberpunk-themed UI. Our platform even allows live streams of virtual bike races to be presented to a live audience, offering scope for e-sports tournaments to take place. I am a fan of Tour de France, I understand that with the rise of digital assets, NFT in cycling is becoming an inevitable segment of the biking culture.

I have been able to realize that vision thus far. GPS Riding is a platform where GenZers can participate in real-world activities while still being part of the metaverse.

How GPS Riding Is Designed

GPS Riding is a Web3 ride-to-earn metaverse, designed with GenZers in mind. This is more than just an app. GPS Riding is the world’s first NFT Bike Race metaverse built for GenZers and everyday non-crypto natives. It allows them to connect with like-minded sports-loving friends from all parts of the world. At the same time, it gives them a platform where they can form communities while having the opportunity to earn.

The GPS ecosystem that we have created incorporates new developments in SocialFi, GameFi, FitnessFi, and the metaverse. It connects GenZers taking part in fitness activities and brings them together in Web3. GPS Riding is a platform whose main drivers are the community, with security provided using the blockchain.

NFT Bikes Linked to Real-World Bikes

At GPS Riding, we firmly believe in Web3, and we believe that NFTs will play an important role in the future of the internet. On the platform, we have designed NFT bikes backed by physical bikes in the real world.

Players can ride, walk or run outdoors with a physical bike linked to their NFT bike for the opportunity to earn tokens. It represents a healthy and fun way to earn tokens. We have also built bike race events within the metaverse where communities come together to race or vote and earn. The designs of these events encourage players to live healthier lives. Besides promoting physical fitness, it also ensures great mental health and general holistic wellness for the players.

How We Built It

GPS Riding was built on the BNB Chain network, and it is governed by $GPS tokens. These tokens have utility; owners can buy NFTs and take part in games, racing competitions, and governance. The tokens will gain mass adoption due to their utility in a metaverse designed to go mainstream. $GPS tokens will support millions of micro-transactions made by GenZers within the multiverse.

We are at the beginning of what will be an exciting journey. We believe that by listening to what GenZers have to say, we can build a global, inclusive metaverse. We believe that our metaverse could have the disruptive impact brought by decentralization to create a new, innovative ecosystem. This system will act in the best interest of GenZers while giving them a voice on all future developments on the platform via a governance model.

We understand that changing the status quo is going to take a lot of effort; we are up to the task, and we look forward to the exciting times ahead. With the power of the blockchain, NFTs, and the capabilities that will become possible with Web3, we are sure we can achieve this vision.

As the old saying goes Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start!

Vincent Tran — Founder & CEO, GPS Riding

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