Be the Crème De La Crème: Part I

If you clicked this article, you and like millions of others suffer from some level of low self- esteem. We all want to be the crème de la crème, or the best of the very best, but our lack of self esteem always gets in our way. Admit it, there are times when each of us quietly reflects on those areas which we are not so confident about. Low self-esteem affects all of us in some sort of way during specific times in our lives. We can all agree that low self-esteem can be a considerable roadblock in our daily life. These are a few of the things that are the byproducts and symptoms of low self esteem:

  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Timidity
  • Poor Self-Confidence
  • Obsessive-compulsive
  • Addiction
  • Being a Workaholic
  • Being an Overachiever
  • Being an Underachiever
  • Having Poor Boundaries
  • Poor Relationship
  • Living a life of Self Sabotaging
  • Mental Drifting

The reality is that low self-esteem is a virus that prevents us from living an Unlimited Lifestyle. At G and P Unlimited Company, we believe that each of us should strive daily to improve our self-esteem. Consciously making decisions to improve our self-esteem will open the door to an UNLIMITED life filled with UNLIMITED possibilities. This blog is Part I of a seven part series on how to be the crème de la crème. We will give you seven tools that will lead you on a journey of holistic success and happiness.In fact, you will become the crème de la crème. So, here we Go!

The first tool in being crème de la crème is to:

Do You and Be Epic About It!

Polonius, in Hamlet, said, “To thine own self be true.” It is not enough to just say these words; instead, they must become our day to day reality if we are to increase our Self -Esteem and become the very best of the best. The majority of people never reach a point in life in which they conduct their lives based on their individual self interest and destiny. The only way you can become the crème de la crème is to be committed to do you and to be epic doing it. This happens when you determine who you are. If you don’t have a personal identity, then you have nothing. Stop Reading! Take a minute and describe yourself. What are the words that define who you are, your purpose, your strengths, your abilities, and gifts?

What did you experience as you completed the activity above? Was it easy? Where you bombarded with a host of negative perceptions of yourself? When we suffer from low self-esteem, we tend to focus on our areas of lack and weakness. For this reason, we must consciously shift our focus to the things we are good at and that are good about us. The truth is that our personal appearance, socioeconomic status, career, and etc., are not who we are. They should, ideally, be a by-product of who we are on the inside. The genius that is locked on the inside of you should be the roadmap by which you live your life. We should never hide ourselves from Doing ourselves because that is what makes us the very best of the best. So stop hiding! Get out and do you in an epic way and you will become the crème de la crème.

Being Epic just means being extremely awesome and living an Unlimited Life. A life that is vast without limits.

Being the crème de la crème is not easy to accomplish. However, if you begin to live every day doing you and being epic about it, then things will begin to change. Be the best of the very best!

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Stay tuned to part II: Chill Out and Be Amazing.

Originally published at G & P Unlimited Co..