Be the Crème De La Crème: Part VII:Love Thyself and Purpose
Be the Crème De La Crème: Part VII: Love Thyself and Purpose

Be the Crème De La Crème: Part VII: Love Thyself and Purpose

Love Thyself! If you want to Be the Crème De La Crème you must believe that you are a masterpiece of God. Many of us spend way too much time trying to assess our lives based other people’s perceptions or a single individual standard of success. Think about it from the time we wake up until the time we get to bed, we are constantly being bombarded with perceptions of what we are to be. These perceptions are not facts but are illusions and false standards. You are significant and your life has a purpose, so learn to enjoy it. It doesn’t matter how old you are God really has a plan for your life if you let him work through you. Society often places a timeline in which we gauge our success. This invisible timeline makes us feel that at a certain age, we are supposed to be or have attained some level of materialistic or social success. That may be right for some people, but not for everyone. Greatness is not the result of real-time activities. Greatness it is the combustible collision where purpose, destiny, and time collide. These are people who became successful after the age of 40.

  • Vera Wang
  • Donald Fisher
  • Stan Lee
  • Gary Heavin
  • Robin Chase
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Sam Walton
  • Henry Ford
  • Jack Weil
  • Rodney Dangerfield
  • Momofuku Ando
  • Julia Child
  • Jack Cover
  • Betty White
  • Taikichiro Mori
  • Tim and Nina Zagat
  • Ray Kroc
  • Harland Sanders

This list is a reminder and encouragement that God is never finished with those who inspire to chase after their dreams. In fact, the Bible clearly shows us that greatness takes time and undergoes levels of disappointments and setbacks. That our life’s journey is designed to develop the character that leads to success. It might require 40 years for your dream to become reality, but if you are consistent with your purpose it will manifest your destiny. Your gifts will, in fact, make room for you when the time occurs.

Stop thinking and adjusting your life based on current reality because your present is only temporary if you keep going. If you have a dream, then you have a power weapon a pearl of possibilities.

How To Love Thyself

Loving thyself requires you to get up and keep working. Loving yourself is looking on the inside and trusting that it is never over. Loving yourself is about not accepting mental messages that harm your self-esteem and derailing your purpose. It is refusing to accept the notion that you have missed your time. As long as you’re still are breathing there still is an opportunity. God doesn’t give up on us! You are bigger than your current situation. God wants to manifest himself to humanity thru you. God is creating something unimaginable inside of you, so be patient and trust the process. It is a lot easier to give up and not to dream again than to inspire to impact the world. You are a Masterpiece-Live Unlimited!

Be the Crème De La Crème Series

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