As time goes by — Leland, Michigan summer tourism sight to see

Livelihoods generation by generation went from iron smelting (1870–1890) to lumbering; fish netting, then sport fishing & ferrying campers to islands.

Lying quietly just above the grass line and marked by a simple plaque of brass, this remnant of the Leland-Lake Superior Iron Company silently tells of a generation starting in 1870, soon after the conclusion of the bloody Civil War, when the loads of iron ore would be taken from the harbor, be crushed and heated to release the iron for shipment to the city centers where it could be refined and made into the agricultural implements that plowed the Plains and, laid keels for ships, put rails across the mountains and formed the skeletons for high buildings. Now just this one heavy puddle of iron waits for curious passers-by to pause and form a picture of those times nearby. It is a time-traveler from then to the present, quietly oxidizing in the winter snows and summer rains.

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