Act 2. Chapter 1. The UI.

The curtain is lifted!

But wait…

I am in the team who, some weeks before, decided to work on Day by Day, a grocery specialized in unbolk products and developed in France in several city centers (only 44 shops). Many customers don’t come very often because of the far distance from home.
Day by Day needs a e-Grocery yet. So we chose to develop an app.

My last posts spoke about the methods we used to empathize, define and ideate about our challenge for this e-grocery. Last 2 weeks we started to learn how prototype.

Our Persona.

Cecilia is our persona, like many people, she needs time for her shopping but she wants to keep her way of consuming. The app we created is meant to be the most useful while keeping the same values of Day by Day: good price and no waste impact.

Our solution.

So, our solution was to create the app with all theDay by day’s products but also to give the unit of measure of the “no waste impact” of her purchase. We started by a paper protype who presents, under the example of the purchase of one of his favorite products, the measure of the “no waste impact” on the ground.

Further still with UI.

The mid-fidelity prototy. You can see, we just follow our first idea. The test was pretty good.

Elements of UI part are the Moodboard and the Style Tile. They are sensitive tools helping us to feel, to understand the tone, the inspiration of the digital project. The palette and brushes of the painter.

The Style tile.

For the Atomic design, I had many hesitations because the color’s choice wasn’t easy. If i follow the brand’s colors, i need to find the balance of the green and orange with a brown. Honestly I was not comfortable.

The Atomic design.

With this small design element choices such as , typography, icons, colors, etc, you assembled those so it makes molecules and after organisms to at the end finish in an entire high fidelity prototype . So now… The curtain is lifted!


During the test, the UX part was good; useful and clear. The userflow still cool. Great! But unfortunately ( or naturally) the UI part wasn’t “without personality”, “irrelevant” and “dull”. A little bit hard but i can understand. Yes I can! So, with the help of “La fée clochette” (Agathe our Teacher (^^)), she propose me a new way and asked me to try it. So i have find a kind of new “Moodbar” and re try.

Hi-FI V2
Hi-FI V2

Now, i wan’t improve my work with all the tools we have like the wonderfuls Sketch and Flinto and animation. We will see with the welness project, the chap 2 of the act 2. UX/UI Design, (Scorpion said it- i agree-) i still loving you!

I spent years in music production. I decided to become a UX / UI designer in Paris.