EquiliBrA. (Eba)

The basic/acid regulator of your diet.

Eba is the only app that offers from the ingredient of your desire, a complementary menu based on the basic acid balance. Designed initially for people with osteoporosis, it is for anyone who wants a perfect nourishment for a better well being.

The concept.

Like i wrote it here 2 weeks laters,i…

The curtain is lifted!

But wait…

I am in the team who, some weeks before, decided to work on Day by Day, a grocery specialized in unbolk products and developed in France in several city centers (only 44 shops). Many customers don’t come very often because of the far distance…

Osteoporosis and solutions.


Here we are during the third week working solo on a site project or ap around health. I had an idea quickly enough. The vision was quickly clear. The empathy phase was curiously automatic.
Let me explain!
I studied (without knowing why) about the problem of people with osteoporosis…

Wharton University of Pennsylvania

At random, i chose this very famous University. The oldest american university and the most famous. It founded by B. Franklin. This management business school has more than 280 faculty members and nearly 4 600 students; more 8 000 participants in executive programs for experienced professionals. D. Trump, W. …

Emov is a Spanish compagnie who rent car specially for a short time (as Autolib in France). The wireframes of the app :


The Splash screen. After a moment, comes automaticly the Homepage (screen 2)


The Homepage, with the map of all disponibles cars around you, the Menu (screen 5)…

My firsts steps with Invison have been cools and excitings. It’s so amazing working with all this greats tools like InVision, Sketchs, Flinto. I like so much! More, the possibility to synchronise all is offering us a such simple freedom. It’s a big help and a big encouragements when you want to become an UI designer. I ‘m so impatient. I already imagine plugins,possibilities...

I want to practice. But for the moment, I am slowly learning. Step by step!

Gregory Aymet

I spent years in music production. I decided to become a UX / UI designer in Paris.

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