by Guangwei Ren, Rui Wang, Shuo Han


Nowadays, public space in our city is too crowded with advertisements in order to gain commercial value in short time. The depressive feelings given by enormous and shining billboards actually make pedestrians less willing to wander on the street. While a rational street furniture design is always ignored, which could benefit our city in long term. Although it is no wrong to earn money in commercial furniture, a fantastic layout of different kinds of furniture can actually attract more pedestrians and realize city economic growth. …

AirBnb is an online marketing for arranging homestays during a trip. However, the main interaction on the web page is through the price as the symbol showing each location. A lot of tourists don’t put the consideration of cost as first priority. So this proposal is to bring up a new interactive system for users to customize their own priority for choosing a place to stay overnight and the evaluation for level of recommendation is based on this.

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The web page of AirBnb when exploring the stays

The system diagram for the new recommendation system is composed by this:

I want to have a trip.

Considering money, location, space and…

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This model provides a chance to evaluate the time people waiting for a taxi via application online which may be influenced by different elements.

To simplify this problem, the most important parameters that are taken into consideration are: 1. the frequency of cars coming from different directions; 2. the traffic congestion parameter(which is simplified into the velocity of cars in this model) 3. the frequency of customers who want a taxi. The grid of street is abstracted to several uniform blocks which are pretty typical in Manhattan.

·Major Algorithm

  1. When generating a customer on the edge of each block, the first thing is to find the nearest uber in nearby area. Just access all the cars that have been generated and calculate the distance between the aim customer and each of them. Them by comparison the car agent that has accepted the order could be generated. …

Guangwei Ren

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