It makes me wonder: As more open source projects start raising money, is there a role for an Open Source Product Manager? Someone who can split their time across a handful of projects and each one pays them a small amount, say a few hundred dollars a month. Sum that across 6–10 projects and you can easily make a living out of it. It’s basically what I was doing when I was working as a PM. Juggling a handful of projects but being paid by one company.
WANTED: A product manager for Open Source projects
Aseem Sood

Love the idea. A lot potential for projects to learn form each other, there is so little knowledge and tooling available today in comparison to code. It’s a risk, too, but I’d love to be try this out and make Hoodie part of the pool. I’d also love OpenCollect to be part of it to help finding someone and mediating in case of disputes