We Need To Get To The Point Where We Go 

We’re so embedded in this mind set of finding reasons to not do stuff, is that we vacillate and we move back and forwards between Oh I’ll start on Wednesday and I’ll start on Monday and It’s not a good time and It’s a bit cold in the morning and My ankle’s sore and the kids are at school, and we just get in this mind set of mediocrity where we need to actually say, well what can I do? If I change my thinking, if I change my standards and if by choice I start to create amazing in my life?

(Craig Harper — The Gr8 Life Wheel of Life Movie)

Are you ready to through away the standards and criteria for your life that you chose that have not worked? It is time embrace a change so powerful that you will astonish yourself with what you create!

Change is possible and will happen when you decide it is what you want. Commit to yourself or someone that you cannot let down and that will be a spur make it happen.

And along the way embrace the failures that must happen for you to succeed. The quicker that you accept that failing is a massive part of succeeding then you are on the way to finding happiness in lifeand achieving incredible results.

Look at everyone who has been before us whatever they are or have been. Each person who succeeded failed at some point or another but the question really is whether it is failure or is it actually the first step to success.

Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela and many more had their share of failures or times when it just did not work out right. The difference is that they did not walk away. Those moments just made them more determined to try the next option on the list of “try this next and if this does not work try the next one”.

What can you achieve if that is the attitude that you wake up with each day rather than an attitude that holds you back.

Our life and our lifestyles are factors of the attitudes that we adopt and the little tweaks, the little adjustments that we make along the way could just be the one that will be the catalyst for you to create amazing and ultimately finding happiness in life.

Only you can do that for you because you are unique and just as exceptional as the amazing that you can create.

What IF . . . there are no problems there are only solutions? Solutions remain problems until the moment that you find them. From the moment that you find the solution to a problem it becomes an experience for you to learn by and progress forward.

Lifestyle could be the sum total of the experiences we have amassed and the problems that we have solved along the way. Another way of looking at it is to give everyone around you that you love a list of problems or mistakes to make in order to enjoy a better lifestyle. Then ask them to go out and get these out of the way so that they can move on.

Just follow the link http://goo.gl/RCO7x7 the first step to the answers to happiness could be hiding there and the best part they may just be the answers that only you have been looking for!

Well we can all dream but would it make for a better life or even finding happiness in life? Would it be a small piece of the jig saw puzzle that is life? Who knows what is important is to try and that is all that you can ask of the person that you speak to every day in the mirror.

Please try for those that you love and who love you. You owe it to them and yourself to DO IT!

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