Nigeria flag soaked in blood @Lekki Lagos shootings

It still rings in her heart

the loud cry of her sister

Its a month now

since she buried her

but not in her heart

her heart rings with her cry

as if she is still alive.

So this morning

she tied her boots

and throw on a shirt

Joined the new move

#ENDSARS they’ll shout

we must win this protest

I’m doing this for my sister

she told herself

Now she is lying tired

she couldn't even cry

as the shot drilled through her ribs

then the whole world went quiet.

Dedicated to all #ENDSARS protesters that have lost their lives in police brutality, thuggery, massacre, fire, and gunshots in Nigeria. 20/10/2020. We’ll not forget.



Owoeye I. Temitope

Owoeye I. Temitope

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