Best Java Books For Beginners — July 2018

Learn Java In 1 Day

by Krishna Rungta

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

As a beginner, you might always have been wondering where Java is exactly used in real world because you don’t see games and desktop tools like Microsoft office written in Java.

One of the most persuasive language, finds its application starting from e- commerce website to Android apps, scientific applications to many financial applications like electronic trading system.

Finding a good Java book is indeed grueling. Because some books are for beginners and the other are for the experts and the rest are the specialized ones.

With this book Learn Java in 1 day is a comprehensive guide to java programming language for someone who has never written even a single line in java before. The book takes the reader through a gentle learning curve starting with the most basic fundamentals of Java and then slowly progressing towards the advanced topics. The book focuses considerably on the parts of language, a reader really needs to understand in order to be a good programmer. The best part about the book is, you learn java in just one day. It might sound odd at first but if you get your hands on, then nobody can stop you from being a good programmer. Other books attempt to teach a narrow range of topics, however, this book provides a broader scope that will help the readers in future programming.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many good books for beginners in java, but they mostly cover earlier versions of Java but this book along with enhancing your skills, has been aligned to latest java version.

Beginning Programming With Java For Dummies

by Barry Burd

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Going through different sites, searching on Google again and again the best book for java for beginners and then all the hard work going in vain. That’s what most of us do because finding a good book especially for beginners is a tough job! Java related books are perhaps the most widely available books in terms of diverse selections of any programming language.

Beginning programming with java for dummies is something that will take the readers to the right path. The 5th edition of the book continues the fine tradition of its predecessors, by providing comprehensive coverage of all the new changes and features of Java. This book takes on to an incredible challenge of introducing someone new to Java to next level. With clear explanations and step by step instructions, makes it easy for the reader to develop their programming skills.

The practice questions and exercises broaden the scope that will make reader’s future programming easier. This book covers each and every topic comprehensively and thoroughly. In short, the book explains everything that a reader needs to know in order to write useful Java programs. In general, the book is applicable to wide variety of audience. The book keeps you hooked throughout as you make your way through Java mystery. This comprehensive book is an excellent value and a long lasting reference when working with the most popular language- Java.

Learn Java In Two Hours

by Cooper Alvin

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Java is basically the high level of language and cross platform that was earlier developed by the renowned Sun microsystems under James Gosling leadership. Its first version got released in the year 1995 in Java form as Java 1.0. After that, Java came long way and presently the Java 8 is running around. Apart from this, some of the different versions as Java like Java for mobile apps, J2ME and even Java for the enterprise applications called as J2EE are released in the market. It basically came up as the open source of software that came under the GNU UPL by the Sun microsystem in the year 2006.

Learn Java

If you are willing to learn this language, you must place an order for this book today, which is the ultimate book by Cooper Alvin and can help you in learning this language in just two hours. You will also get to know through this book that the transformation process of Java took place in the year 2007. You can also grab some information about its background through this book. You can learn all basics which focus completely on Java language. The contents covered in this book includes as,

  • Getting started with the Java
  • Writing first program of Java
  • The variables
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Classes and objects
  • Decision making and more.

This Java book can really act as a beginner tutorial for you on the Java fundamentals which are worth reading and learning from this book.

Java All-in-One For Dummies — 5th Edition

by Doug Lowe

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Yes, now you can learn Java by sitting in the best comfort of your home. All you need a good book which can help you in understanding and learning it in a better way. The best option can be to get started with this All in one for the dummies by Doug Lowe. This can act as a guide for you and you can learn whole programming language in an easy way. This book is more practical than theory based. It offers all updates that covers Java 8 and is also an expanded coverage for many of the advanced programmers. This book is cut short and important points are pulled out from 9 best Java books to include them in this book.

Covers all topics in one book

This all in one for the Dummies, the 4th edition is something which you need and can get started with Java language. It covers enhanced development of mobile & the syntax features, programming and much more. This guide makes it easier for all to find everything they need and can help you in without any hassle.

This book highly focuses on important information which allows all for getting up & quickly run Java language. It covers all enhanced features of multimedia & programming enhancement, the XML, Java, server side Java, swing, eclipse and many more. This book covers well all programming basics, programming techniques, collections, arrays, strings and others. Turn out as productive enough with this book today.

Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Seventh Edition

by Herbert Schildt

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You must grab the most updated book for the Java platform that come as standard edition as beginner’s guide by Herb Schildt. It can help you in understanding all Java basics and allows you to learn how to create, compile or run Java program. Further, this book covers the topics as constructs, syntax, keywords which form core of this Java language. It covers well all advanced features and includes the programming of multithread, the generics, lambda expressions, Java FX, swing. It acts as a practical guide of oracle press which features all details on the Java SE 9’s new module system, which is innovative and acts as added bonus.

The best guide

This beginner guide by the renowned author Herb Schildt, acts as the introduction to the Jshell which is the new interactive tool of Java programming. It is also designed for learning easily. You can get all basic concepts to learn and key skills which are required for this program. Its chapter includes the opening list of some of the skills that are covered in its chapters.

This also comes with question and answer section which filled with additional information & some of the helpful tips. You can try your hands on the available exercises in this book which helps in enhancing your java skills. To reinforce the skills, the quiz section is available at the end of the chapters. So you must order this beginner guide to Java book today for quick and easy learning.