Lego Death Star by my 9 year old son.

Over the summer my son decided that he needed a challenge, and decided to build a Lego Death Star from scratch. He has seen the films and has a couple of books with pictures of the Death Star. Over the last few months he has worked on building a Death Star which is now complete. Here are a few pictures of what he built.

The completed death star.

Each of the rooms was inspired by something from the film…

Luke and Leia Swinging over the chasm in Star Wars IV

The iconic shootout between Luke, Leia and the stormtroopers followed by them swinging over the chasm is captured here.

Luke and Leia fight the stormtroopers and swing over chasm.

Obi-Wan disables the tractor beam

Something that captures the sneakyness of Obi-Wan disabling the tractor beam in this image.

Obi-Wan sneaks up and disables the tractor beam.

A Millennium Falcon Inside the Death Star

I said to my son when he started, that it can only really be considered a Death Star if you can fit a Millennium Falcon inside it. Not only did he get in the Falcon but also a Tie-Fighter ready to pursue it.

Millennium Falcon and Tie-Fighter inside the Death Star
Tie Fighter ready to give chase.

Conference Room

The conference room where Darth Vader convinces others of his cunning plans may not seem an obvious thing, but I think this looks good here. ‘This had better work’.

Conference room with stormtrooper guards.

C3P0 and R2D2 Escape

I always found 3PO to be a bit dull, but here he is with R2D2 escaping from the Death Star.

Escape from the Death Star.

Lift in the Death Star

On their way to the prison section Luke, Han and Chewy take an elevator.

Death Star Lift

Prison Section Shootout

This is one of my favourite bits from the film and so to have it recreated here was just great! ‘Chewy, we got company!’ Love the details with all the cameras and Han in stormtrooper gear.

Prison break.

Into the Garbage Chute Flyboy

After rescuing Leia from her cell the heroes find themselves in a tricky situation.

Leia, Luke and Han in the garbage compactor

The Darth Vader Room

I think this is all the more ominous because he isn't actually in shot. Lots of fixer droids and the reclining chair. From a technical point of view he started running out of grey bits at this stage.

Darth Vader preparation room

The Death Star Canon

One of the defining features of the Death Star is the large, planet vapourising canon. The long blue tongue of lights capturing it ‘fully operational’.

Death Star Canon Firing

Defense against x-wings

Luke Skywalker and the other x-wing pilots don`t know what they are in for when coming up against these laser cannons!

Luke and Vader Fighting

The ultimate fight between Luke and Darth Vader with the Emperor looking on. Even the cool guards in red are here to watch. Deviated slightly by using a Christmas Darth Vader cloak.

The Big Picture

Here are some other shots that show the shear scale of the thing. ‘That’s no moon, it’s a space station’.

Death Star
Death Star

So, what`s next?

Apparently, the plan now is to build a Star Destroyer! He`s not sure he has enough bits though.