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This week I received a curious email.

It portrayed the concern of a resident divorced mother in a foreign country with her child, and his sensitivity that I think every day more children reveal and release freely, and which is assumed by parents rather than a critical way as it us too (where the popular saying translates to us the familiar “Men do not cry”) but in a pleasurable way in which this feature is regarded with deep respect.

A sensitive child, in fact all are, it has to be welcomed to a world that shows us that love is more and more the heart of the matter when it comes to everything in life, and even more so in education.

The email, wondered how I had to do homeschooling in Portugal(ie because of my cultural facebook for parents and children to which I called “homeschooling” with the idea of sharing what I read and see), not being allowed in other countries causing many more foreigners to seek in Portugal a safe harbor for the sensitivity of their children.

(Portugal Congratulations !!)

In many countries, parents who choose this type of education make real juggling to be able to exercise it without being punished.

(Congratulations parents !!)

I am not doing homeschooling, I tried to explain first the misunderstanding, but hasten to explain that the practice in my own way as follows:

1- I Respect the tiredness of my son when He shows without being conscious, as I feel tired and I need a day of break. He usually stays at home to recharg. It´s usual for him to have a great day exploring all sorts of themes he loves. Japan is one of them.

2- I am nothing respectful when it comes to homework, although I incentive, but if I understand it are exaggerated, or that do not respect the need to play, I encourage in the opposite direction.

3 If a talk is needed to the teacher about it, I do it right away.

4-Teaching my children what, at certain point of my age I missed and that I worked on me. The no judgment of another’s life, forgiveness, try to always see the same situations from various points of view, to understand that each person is in their struggle, whether we agree with it or not, make thanks you!! to all that we have, particularly health and our perfect body, daily.

5- I make games with Antonio in the way to school with “thanks” to everyging O can recall , so much that I often come with an upturned eyes … but staying there … somewhere with a smile !!

6- I give the example, because I think there is no better legacy than the children see the parents can overcome their own difficulties.

7-Teaching them to meditate while we eat, and pay full attention to the delicious food, and, often we offer our meal for a higher purpose, and believe in all the force with individual actions.

8. I share with them videos and books and things I learn.


10-Most of all, I understud that the school is a living proof that includes our children lives, since they all come into this life with their dificulties/ teachings… to overcome, and I’m always there to give them a hand, but I understand that some setbacks that already afflicted me a lot, today I know that are part of the way to them become stronger and healthier.

This is my homeschooling.
With one child already on the other side of the planet, and the other going soon, what I can add is that we can, with these simple everyday practices, at some point fail to have a child but insted have a counselor friend of my own doubts and anxieties. And this pays the enormous effort that is to stay alert to ourselves every day.

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