What’s on Your List?

Bashar Alaeddin, Photographer/Foodie

Bashar Alaeddin is a Photographer/Videographer & senior video editor for The Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan. Also a night-sky hobbyist photographer and the creator of @arab_ink. When he’s not busy at work he will be traveling somewhere or enjoying the outdoors hiking/camping and certainly always on the lookout for a delicious bite. Bashar is a Major Foodie, hence a Grabbd app user! We chat with him and see what he recommends and take a peek at his list.

1.What’s your ideal escape/trip?

Any coastal city, being next to water in summer along with a specific style of cuisine is what I always seek.

2.Favorite Cuisine?

Basque, spent three weeks traveling through Spain once (Madrid, San Sebastian and Barcelona) and I still think about those tapas and seafood dishes I had in the north of Spain.

3.Favorite City?

Barcelona, San Sebastian or Amsterdam, I really can’t decide.

4.Do you Cook? If yes, what’s your specialty dish?

I try, or more like my brother cooks and I critique his cooking. I’m big on breakfasts and really don’t eat much dinners. Funky and weird breakfast recipe dishes is what I enjoy.

5.What do you look for in a restaurant and what’s on your Grabbd list?

Flavors, combinations of seasonings. I believe that extra type of salt or sauce is what gives a dish or a burger that extra ‘wow’ factor. Almost every place now has great meats or great breads and all that, what’s the special crazy sauce or dip that lets you make that “MMM” sound?

6.Are you a planner or do you play things by ear? (in trying out new restaurants).

When I’m traveling solo, I’ll definitely plan it. If with friends and a group, we’ll all just go out and try something. My recent trip to Amsterdam was just a small list a friend (who lives there) sent me over WhatsApp and that was my itinerary

7.How are you using the App? Or How are you finding it handy?

The app is great! It’s really like a massive mood-board or recommendation list between friends. As much as I share my experiences on it I spend more time seeing where my friends have gone and tried.

A Peek at Bashar’s list on Grabbd:

  • Trestle on Tenth, New York
  • Morgan & Mees, Amsterdam
  • Atari Gastroteka, San Sebastián
  • Founding Farmers, Washington DC
  • The Cafe Gourmand, Amman

8.What was your latest memorable dining experience?

During my Amsterdam trip in June, 2016. Places like Cafe de Klaus, The Seafood Bar, and the Eggs Benedict at Morgan & Mees were insanely good.

9- Tell us about your Arab Ink project, will there be a book?

The Arab Ink Project is a personal photo-documentary series I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s about tattoo culture in the middle east (Arabic Calligraphy Tattoos) but specifically the stories and meanings behind the tattoos and the people that get them. Yes, I hope there will be a book in the next couple of years, however, the project now is still on-going and I am aiming to have the first stage of it done by end of 2017. You can check it out at www.arabink.me

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