My Freebie Site

Let me use this first post to introduce myself, my site and my goal. My name is Sean an I have a fantastic Freebie site called GrabFreeStuff .

I created GrabFreeStuff because I wanted to create a great site where I could list links to all the Free Stuff I find while searching the web. There is so much that I see daily.

I also found that many of the other freebie sites out there repeated their content. I found that some days it was just previous listed items and nothing new.. I got to a point where I knew I could do better. I could create a site where at least one item every day would be completely new..

In fact; most days its more than one item that is new.. I do like to list the items I feel are fantastic freebies more than once.. though I don’t just take that easy route..

I also like to add items I see that are not on any other sites out there. There are so many free digital items like books, software and games you can get.. The free stuff on my site would be everything and not just food and cosmetics.

So, if you looking for free stuff then go check it out.. I will be using this blog to talk about items I find; thinks I do and general talk about about freebies so why not check back and see whats going on..