So I’ve decided to use new theme framework

When I first created my site in January I used a Wordpress theme framework called Ultimatum. Now this is a fantastic framework as it allows you to build up your custom look. You create the template and add the elements you want.

I have used this framework a lot and still do today. However I wanted to try something different. St the time I was contemplating Thesis but ended up getting Divi from Elegant Themes.

This again is a fantastic framework that you can use to drag and drop you mr page together. Although it sits on Wordpress and it does work well with blog posts; I just felt it more suited to creating static pages for websites. It seems that the design elements were more suited to making fantastic site not blogs.

However, I’ve been running my site using the Extra theme from Elegant Themes for 9 months with a tweak here and there.

I decided it was time for a change. I wanted something more lean. Something that had less functionality. I picked both Thesis and Genesis to decide from.

I had previously used Genesis framework when I did a review a few years ago so knew what this had to offer. I also knew that I would have to tweak the code to get exactly what I wanted. I have never used Thesis (they would not give me a review or demo copy) I wanted a few reviews and how too videos to get an idea on it. I loved the visual build process. Kind of reminded me of what Ultimatum had to offer.

So this debate has been going on internally for the last 2 weeks until last night. To cut a long story short I found a child theme on Genesis that gave a great amount of visual functionality. Basically it exposed many hooks to the config which means I can do a lot of the changes outside of code initially.

So I bought Genesis. It’s one of the most recommended frameworks; at least from the research I did. I saw many of the posts I read saying they moved to Genesis from other frameworks including Thesis.

On purchase I was able to log into the members area and found the masses of documentation available.

I am positive I’ve made the right choice. I just have to locally play with theme now to figure what and how I need to change the site. Then do that over a weekend online.

Once complete though my hope is that we get a speed increase and better SEO

I will let you all know