The key differential between matcha green tea and regular green tea is that we ingest the entire green tea leaf in the case of matcha. That means that the matcha green tea drinkers get the full health benefits that you could get out of drinking green tea. These benefits include higher antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber levels. Irrespective of all the beneficial elements, matcha green tea does contain caffeine and the concentration is naturally higher than in regular green tea.

Every kind of green tea contains caffeine, matcha has it too. When it comes to caffeine levels, matcha’s caffeine levels are almost equal to half the level of a regular cup of black tea. Comparing weights, we have come to understand that for an amount of steamed green tea containing 31.8 mg of caffeine, the celebrated matcha green tea contains approximately 68 mg of caffeine. However, we should bear in mind that caffeine in very moderate quantities is actually good for health. It stimulates and increases the efficiency of the brain and relieves tension. The caffeine in matcha helps to enhance metabolism rate by about 40% and helps to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body.


Matcha green tea is prepared by whisking and sifting quality matcha green tea powder into hot water and beating the mixture until it becomes frothy. This method gradually releases the caffeine into the body, and the process usually takes 7–8 hours. This helps to build stamina over time and serves as a great energy and endurance accelerator.

Matcha also contains a unique combination of phytonutrients and because of that the caffeine in matcha works in a pro-health setting, it is more stimulating and much healthier than regular caffeinated coffee or tea. The matcha caffeine also holds together the compound called catechins and aid the powerful anti-oxidants to weave their magic. They get released into the bloodstream entangled along with the compounds, slowly and over enough time. This slow dissemination of energy inducing coffee helps to provide sustained energy for the next couple of hours. This compound synergy within matcha also helps prevent diabetes, and adrenaline spikes typically associated with coffee intake.

So, we would suggest you to stop worrying about the caffeine content and enjoy matcha green tea every day for better health!

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