GPT Repository Assistant: The Ultimate GitHub-Embedded Assistant. ChatCody

Revolutionizing Code Contribution and Task Automation

Grace Lungu
5 min readNov 21, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to dive into OpenAI’s new custom GPTs and crafted something I’m really excited about — ChatCody. It’s a specialized tool that seamlessly integrates with GitHub, enhancing how developers work with their code repositories.

ChatCody takes the already impressive capabilities of ChatGPT to the next level, integrating directly into your GitHub repositories. It’s like having an extra set of hands that’s both incredibly smart and tirelessly efficient. ChatCody acts as your personal GitHub engineer, effortlessly handling code contributions, streamlining pull request reviews, and automating an array of tasks. With the power of ChatGPT’s code interpretation and web browsing, ChatCody autonomously conducts research, calculates, and contributes code in ways we never thought possible.

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To get started, the GPT will prompt the user to log in with their GitHub account. The user will be redirected to Github to allow the app to authenticate with the repo scope, then the token is sent back to ChatGPT for all subsequent sessions. The complete authentication process is between GitHub and ChatGPT with no third parties involved.

Core Features

Tailored GitHub Interaction

ChatCody begins by asking clarifying questions, ensuring precise and efficient interactions with GitHub. This might include gathering repository names, usernames, and other pertinent details when needed, otherwise, the model will get the username of the current authenticated user.

Streamlined API Use

By utilizing the GitHub API, ChatCody focuses on retrieving exact information, either directly or inferred, for tailored API calls. The GPT can perform read-and-write operations with pull request management, which results in a flow where the AI, pulls and reads an issue from GitHub, gathers context by reading files in the repository, creates a new branch to work on the issue, pushes new commits with changes and creates a final pull request for the user to review.

The complete process is handled autonomously by the GPT, and feedback is given for major steps.

Security and Privacy

ChatCody upholds a high standard of privacy, ensuring that your data remains confidential. There are no third-party applications involved besides GitHub, and actions require your explicit approval.

Transforming Your GitHub Workflow

Comprehensive Task Handling

Designed to manage tasks such as setting up new projects (boilerplates), contributing to existing code, identifying and resolving bugs, creating comprehensive documentation, and performing in-depth code analysis. The process for initiating any of these tasks is straightforward and user-friendly. You simply engage in a regular chat conversation with ChatCody, outlining the specifics of the task.

This dialogue allows you to provide a detailed context to the GPT, ensuring it understands exactly what needs to be done. Once the task is clearly defined, ChatCody can swiftly execute the necessary changes or actions in your repository.

Code review

In addition to these functions, ChatCody extends its capabilities to more interactive aspects of GitHub. This includes reviewing pull requests — where it meticulously examines code changes, offering feedback or suggestions for improvement. It also manages communications by responding to comments and queries within pull request threads, fostering better collaboration and understanding among team members.

All these interactions are facilitated through the intuitive and familiar interface of ChatGPT, making it an accessible tool for developers of all skill levels.

Enhancing Focus on Core Project Goals

One of the standout features of ChatCody is its ability to automate a broad spectrum of routine and repetitive tasks. This automation extends to generating various project components like data mocks and other similar elements.

By handling these tasks, ChatCody liberates you to focus your energies and attention on the more complex and creative aspects of your projects. It empowers you to delve into the significant challenges that require your expertise, while it takes care of the groundwork. This not only streamlines your workflow but also enhances productivity, ensuring that your valuable time is spent on tasks that truly matter and contribute to the advancement of your project goals.

Examples of ChatCody in Action

Chat with your repos

Basic usage involves getting insight and asking questions about a single or set of repositories, guidance that can be very useful when onboarding on a new codebase.

Enhancing and debugging gets easier with the GPT as your pairing buddy, you can easily chat about improvements, get ChatGPT’s opinions, refine, and let the ChatCody raise a pull request right away.

Boilerplate a new repository

Given a prompt, the GPT is capable of creating a new repository and starting to make changes to commit the necessary files for a new pull request.

ChatGPT screenshot of the ChatCody GPT
GitHub Screenshot of the boilerplate PR

Resolving an issue

In the example below the issue title and description are pulled by the GPT and more data from the repository is read to gather context and make changes, ending in a new pull request.

With ChatGPT’s full potential at your fingertips, there’s so much you can do. I can’t wait to see the cool stuff users will create. So, go ahead and spill the beans on how you’re thinking of using this custom GPT!


Combining the power of AI with the functionality of GitHub, not only simplifies but also enhances the coding experience. It’s your personal coding assistant, quality checker, and problem solver, all rolled into one.

Advanced Integration

Interested in automated GitHub code contributions and reviews? Have a look at a more advanced integration at for event-based AI assistance.