The Season of the […]: Halloween Costume Ideas as Inspired by 2017

For those who know me, they know I LOVE Halloween.

Sure, other holidays can be fun and entertaining and enjoyable, but there’s always been something about Halloween that just grinds my gears in ways no other holidays do.

Every year, I attempt (emphasis on attempt) to have a great costume, have a fun party, or make some delicious Halloween-themed treats. Unfortunately, more often that not, my aims fall short — because of money, time, my eternal state of procrastination, et cetera. At least I’m not alone in my failure!

While I may fail yet again this year (still need to buy multiple elements of my costume in my very limited free time over the next few days), I hope to help you in your journey to having the best Halloween costume that you can. The rest of it is completely up to you (hint: drink a lot of pumpkin beer) — enjoy!

Cute Couple’s Costume: Pennywise and the Babadook

If you are a teenager/young person on the Internet, it is likely that you have heard of the #ship between the 2014 titular character of “The Babadook” and the more recent version of Pennywise in the new Stephen King adapation of “It.” Yes, some bizarro teenagers thought that these two horror film villians are in a relationship…and I’m loving it.

I mean, Bill Skarsgard is hot, so…understandable.

The #ship has led to a great deal of tweets, Tumblr posts, super weird fan-fiction, and adorable drawings. Personally, I don’t think I would have ever thought of #shipping two characters together from two separate films/television shows (I also did not start regularly using the Internet until 2010, so…), but I love that the kiddos are getting creative without being too insidious. As long as they aren’t being incredibly inappropriate or too creepy, I support it 💁

If you and your boo are super into horror films — or are just incredibly into being supportive of the LGBTQ+ community (which, yaaaaassss kweens)—dust off your black top hat and red wig. Enjoy terrifying the trick-or-treaters!

Good Citizen/Icon: Carmen Yulin Cruz or Terry McAuliffe

This year has been ROUGH in a lot of ways. Two major events to occur in 2017 were the Charlottesville protests in August, that led to a greater national dialogue regarding freedom of speech and racism in light of the current presidential administration, and the devastation of Puerto Rico from Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September, that led to a population without access to drinking water and an inept response from the President over how to support our fellow citizens.

The two icons that rose from these tragic and difficult events were (1) Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, whose response to white nationalists and the KKK has now been viewed around the world, and (2) San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has (rightfully) lambasted President Trump for his lack of response and aid to the people of Puerto Rico.

Photo Credits: Getty Images South America;

I completely understand if you want to take a break from politics for the evening to indulge in some themed alcoholic drinks or bust out some dance moves to the Monster Mash. But, if you want to make an good impression and prove that you respect people who stand up to bigotry and bullies, then grab your flag pin and sports coat or your baseball cap and clear glasses. Make America proud of its politicians again!

Sports Star: Colin Kaepernick

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Although I attended every home-football-game Stanford had from the ages of six weeks to 13, I know absolutely nothing about the sport. Like, seriously, it seems to be based on the dangerous mentalities behind machismo…and there are a lot of shoulder pads and concussions involved? No thank you.

Regardless of my personal feelings about the safety and security and enjoyment of watching the sport, I have a newfound respect for football following Colin Kaepernick’s initial kneel during the national anthem back in Sept. 2016. After first sitting during the anthem, Kaepernick made the kneel heard round the world, and has inspired many people in the sports world, the entertainment industry, and other fields to take a knee themselves. While the move has been criticized by the political administration — even leading VP Pence to stage his own “protest” and cost taxpayers $250,000—the kneel is in response to a system that has a lot of problems, especially to those of color.

In order to celebrate Kaepernick’s protest and support the rights and voices of those around you, grab a 49ers jersey and take a knee. Just make sure not to appropriate his hair, okay?

Movie Persona: Jordan Horowitz

Remember the complete B.S. that occurred at the Oscars in February, where we were tricked into thinking “La La Land” won Best Picture because some idiot handed the wrong card to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway? Psh, “Moonlight” was soooooo much better #obviousmistake

Well, if you are a big fan of the film industry, but would like to be even more obscure in your costume than simply being Eleven or Wonder Woman, why not be the man, the myth, the legend that is Jordan Horowitz? The producer from “La La Land” alerted us all to the egregious error that was made at the finale of the 3-hour long televised event, and—while it may have been had to hand off his Oscar to another person—he was a f**ing badass dude in rightfully accepting defeat and congratulating his friends.

To be Mr. Horowitz on Oct. 31, get a bald cap, a tux, and a white card that says “Moonlight”. You could also take a cue from the memes that were created after the fact; maybe write “Bye Bye Little Sebastian”?

Musician: Kesha

There are few musicians who can go without releasing new music for years, and come back at the top of the charts. Because of the completely bonkers circumstances surrounding the artist formerly known as Ke$ha’s career, I am so glad that she has come back with a vengeance, and proven that some idiotic man cannot hold her back.

I honestly am getting chills right now just thinking about Kesha’s first single in four years, “Praying,” where she hits the Mariah Carey whistle (like, HOLY F**K NUGGETS). Since then, the 30-year-old has continued to impress us all, what with her candor about her body image, her empowerment of her fellow women, and her other amazing songs off of “Rainbow.” Seriously, what can’t this *kween* do?

In order to celebrate this incredible woman, grab your bolo tie, some rainbow paint, and some good vibes. Her persona is no longer focused on drugs and drink; instead, focus your impression of Kesha on her love of her fellow human beings.

The Bossest Boss of the Bosses: Meme it Up

If you want to be as obscure as obscure can be for Halloween, there’s really no other way to do that than dress up as your favorite meme. Memes have definitely risen in popularity since the youths have made a point of taking each and every aspect of life and making it 100x better than it was before. Who knew I would ever laugh like a hyena over a weird image of Spongebob? People, it now happens way too often.

There were a lot of popular memes this year, including: SaltBae, Roll Safe, The Mooch looking for a job, Nothing but Respect for MY President, Right in Front of My Salad?…literally, SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

You can even throw it back to Side-eyeing Michelle Obama. Really, the opportunities are endless! Just make sure to not be offensive fam.

Overall, have the most amazing Halloween you can, regardless of whether your costume is on point or on fleek or deadass or whatever the new slang is. And remember, courtesy of Marnie Piper from the glory that is “Halloweentown”:

Catchphrase for life.

Hope you enjoyed this article! You can check out my previous articles with other tips and tricks (#HalloweenWordplay) here — enjoy!