The oh-so-swanky courtyard at the Park James Hotel in Menlo Park. (Image via the Park James Hotel Facebook page)

But seriously, avoid Times Square.

My cap fell off my head AND I’m looking at the wrong camera. Great start to my soon-to-be post-grad. Also my friends are FRIGGIN AMAZING, HIRE THEM ALL.

Party party! Look at all these cuties.

“Binge eating? How can that be? You’re so healthy!”

Girl, get your 8 hours! (I say this to myself wayyyy too often as I’m on Netflix binges).

Time is an illusion, drink your whiskey, and take a knee.

Photo Credit: Daniel Lobos

Photo Credit: A24

My, how this city has changed.

At least that hunk of metal known as the Space Needle is still kicking it!

Grace Stetson

Freelance journalist with words at @NBCNews, @AptTherapy, @SJSpotlight, and others. Must haves: corgis, coffee, and NPR Tiny Desk Concerts.

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