💼 USDT / USDC loan 💼

Very soon, S-Wallet will offer the possibility of USDT / USDC loans, which we announced in the roadmap.

1️⃣ The borrower provides cryptocurrency on collateral, for example, Bitcoin
2️⃣ Funds go to the loan pool
3️⃣ Checking the availability of USDT / USDC to be credited to the balance
4️⃣ Transferring user's assets to a cold wallet
5️⃣ USDT / USDC is credited from the pool of loans to the user's balance
6️⃣ Operation fee goes to the reward pool

The whole procedure takes no more than one minute ⏳

Whitelist Form: https://swp.s-wallet.ai/main
TestNet Web-version:

🤳🏻 Join us: Chat TestNet | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram




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