I open my eyes slowly and am settled that it’s time to wake up.

The cloud is still dark, but I immediately begin to rack my brain of which day in the week it is!

Is it Weekday and also a School day ?
Then I will rush out of bed to the Kitchen to prepare the household food and assist the Children get to school on time.

Is it a Weekday and a Workday!
A day that I will have right of audience to represent litigants in Court, then I will still have to first put the food on the fire and then have a thorough glance at my case files to ensure the documents, exhibits, photographs etc are in their respective place.

Will the day in court be for testing the accuracy and veracity of Opponent’s witnesses through the art of cross examination, perhaps this will be the toughest or delightful day depending on my preparation. I will need to give long hours of mental and intellectual thoughts to my proposed questions, adding and subtracting same.

Is it a Weekend? You may reason it will be my rest day and I should go back to bed to catch some sleep. To the contrary, My weekends are full of stupendous activities.

I will do the Household Laundry and ironing,

I will need to be in the Ministry of reconciliation,

I will need to pick up foodstuffs later in the marketplace,

In the evening I will cook some native soup and stew to store in the fridge for the coming week.

When washing, I always recall the Peom of Oswald Mtshalli in The Washerwoman' s prayer: " Look at my hands, raw, Knobby and callous
Look at my Fingers, like a Bean’s seed soaked in brim, 
For countless years, I have toiled to wash the Masters clothes soiled in the Lord’s luxury, in frost freckled morning. In Sun scorched afternoon"...

While in the Ministry I also contemplate Apostle Paul's admonition at 1 Corinthians 9 : 16:
"Now if am declaring the goodnews, it is no reason for me to boast, for necessity is laid upon. Really woe is me if I do not declare the good news.'

All these activities are on my mind each day am alive and awake.
I immediately need to quickly sort out this calculation of which day it is!, right on my bed and swing to action.
Time and tide they say wait for no one.
Time flies cannot be recalled.
Hence I endeavour to do what each day demands and do same punctually.

Original thoughts by Grace Ahiakwo.

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