Q: can we know your name and what you do? 
A: My name is Innocent Amadi and I am a software engineer. I have been software engineer for about 5 years now and went professional 3 years ago.

Q: What made you choose tech over any other thing? 
A: I have always been the techie kind of person. Since I was in SS1, I have been playing video games and I kept wondering how games are made. This created my interest in Tech.

Q: What are the major categories in Tech? 
A: This question pops up a lot because people want to know what they can do in Tech outside coding. I will start with developers. You could be a full stack developers, a back end developer or a front-end developer. The stack developers are people who write line side codes that run on browsers; codes that the users interface with, Java scripts etc. The back end developers are those who write business logics that users don't necessarily interface with. The full stat developers "write everything".
Apart from developers, we have Social Media technologists. These people are interested in specifying the tech that would help meet the marketing need to serve a business goal like telling how we can know that we need to leverage on facebook for example. 
We also have the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) experts. The requirements for being an SEO expert today is quite different from before. It was formally about how well you could build a system, rankings etc but now, it is about content. An SEO expert has to know how best a business content can be presented in such a way that search engine crawlers can appreciate and rank it higher than the others in that same category. This is even where inbound marketing comes in. 
Next we have the designers, UX experts, product designers ( these are not very common in this part of the world). Product designers are more concerned with how a story is told, the flow/transition of the story and the impression it has on people. So, they are less concerned about specifics but about the general overview.
We also have the Business analysts. People hardly talk about it. They are basically concerned with knowing the right tools, with respect to building a business system. Business analysts are usually confused with software engineers but the business analyst is not comfortable with the tools on ground but is always going around to see what can be done better and with what tools it can be done. For instance, should we host the server or not? 
One category that has became very useful but is hardly known is that of the data analyst and data scientist. This is because between the year 2012 and 2013, it has been about how fast one's presence can be online or have a conversion but now, there are so many activities on social media - different feeds, so many ads calling for clicks but the question is, "How do we make use of that to make informed business decisions? " This is where data analysts and scientists come in. They try to track these data and use them appropriately.

Q: Some people would want to know if they must code. There are people out there who are interested in Tech but just don't want to code. Can they still fit in? 
A: Almost every aspects of tech require a certain level of problem solving skills, decision making etc and coding is related to these but I would say that you don't have to go "hard core ". Coding however would help such that when you are pushing a content out there, you would know what you are pushing yet you don't have to go deep into it.

Q: When you are not working, what do you engage in? 
A: I like swimming a lot. I work out in the mornings and go to the gym on Saturdays. I relax with movies - I am a huge fan of "Game of thrones" and "Big Bang Theory".

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