Agua fluyendo con el viento

Soplo que veo, inspiración que siento

Levantando todo este sentimiento

Pa’ venir y hacerte un cuento

Montañas de lejos parecen estar unidas

Cuando en realidad separadas, gigantes aturdidas

Dándome señal que en la vida

Al estar separados, olvidamos las idas

Al estar unidos, trabajamos las movidas

Pues mis humanos queridos algún día

Recordaremos que el paisaje

No se encuentra en el viaje

Si no dentro de tu alma y la mía

Sonríe amor y sigue por la vida…

  • Channel your will to the good in your head.
  • Connect the dots that life has outlined for you in order to continue to grow in each experience.
  • Bloom like all the wildflowers you took pictures of in your trip, because spring has come to you.
  • Charge your energy by making others happy, it’s a reflection of the things you do for yourself.
  • Offering commodities and good intentions will not always be seen as good. Some unfortunate souls haven’t had any love, good always came with a price, etc. and pain corrupts their thoughts.
  • Letting go. Of fears. negativity. bruises of…

I wrote this in January. It’s still a work in progress, so any critique or point of view will be accepted. Definitely doing better than when I wrote this.

The hard topic of trauma and depression: plans of conquerment

I began this blog because I need to continue to practice my writing in english, so I am able to communicate better and along the way battle the depression of the continuous loses that my year has brought me. …

Y cada vez que me distraigo en los pensamientos de amores perdidos, prendo música y pienso en los pasitos de las gemelas y el “slide” de la bruja. La sonrisa de mi hermana se delinea desde lejos y risitas con sus labios rojos llenan mi corazon de la luz que se fue….

Mis amigas

Mujeres que se fortalecen entre si mismas. Que miran sus fuerzas y con la verdad te llenan de lecciones de humildad, soporte y amor real. Pues no importa que tan lejos yo este de mi hermandad de mujeres, siento que cada día me reúno con ustedes. Su energía brilla mas radiante que el aura de la tierra. Su jocosidad causan la alegría mas contagiosa, si fuéramos el pulmón de la tierra, no habría tristezas ni incontingencias a causas de emociones entoxicadas. Ustedes. Yo tengo un centro, pero ustedes hacen parte de su brillo…

My heart, my soul and libido, broken

It gets easier

Then it doesn’t

It’s hard to love a ghost

Your silence echoes louder than the motion of water in the ocean.

They travel in the same pace.

Sadness comes around in waves.

Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller.

Depending on the oceans emotions and how it decides to fit on this earth today.

Be calm.

Be still.

Even the sea has stormy days….

When did the both of us loose ourselves?


I remember our first intelectual conversation where the both of us would actually expose our ideas and they would just flow even in moments of difference.

Why at that last argument did I not try to lower down?

What made me explode so hard?

Insecurities are a fucking bitch and when your stability is being broken from everywhere, it’s not easy to keep your composure.

The next time I encounter this situation, I will come back to myself. …


Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Luis Pales Matos

Ana Lydia Vega

Alfonsina Storni

Gabriela Mistral

Edgar Allan Poe

Malanda Jean-Claude

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Rosario Ferré

Lope de Vega

Mario Bennedetti

Pablo Neruda

Rupi Kaur

Y todos aquellos que no mencione…

Gracias por ofrecerme su musa en los tiempos mas difíciles.

Gracias por ser parte de esos pensadores que transformaron mentes por medio de escritos, desbordados directamente del corazón.

Aplico sus estilos y trato de mantenerme al dia con mi manera de comunicar lo que siento a la multitud para llevar el mensaje correcto, pues dependiendo de…

Remembering MYSELF and the lessons taught on hardship in a short period of time. Happy, humbled and proud of me for opening up, being vulnerable, having seeked help and realizing myself as the days continue to pass. I’ve been making a lot of affirmations to myself lately to see the good, the bad and continue to grow.

In times of pain, we have to remember that all we have is us and us sometimes means co-living with the world as well. Sitting with your demons and exposing them so you can let go, no matter what’s the resource used. All…

I needed a rock for the hardest moment in my life

instead, I broke myself again when everything I had left.

No job

No love

No home

No security

[echoes of instability]

I am my own rock

Why did I forget that even the most majestic of mountains endure slides and shape to something anew?

The sierras are the most magical places in my life. They are a reminder that the falls you take bring you up to make you sturdier.

Transforming caterpillars into butterflies. Isn’t that what we all aim to do?

[whispers of hope]

The hurt

I promise I’ll appreciate you from afar. Too many times I’ve begged for love in a lifetime. No more hearts. You wrote my story in your pages without realizing that is was timing and miscommunication that brought us here.

{Yo aqui. Tu alla. Adios fuente de miel. Te echare de menos…. }

Grace Aleli Alemán Hernández

Writing to deal with life events and find enlightment. Creating until I find my own style. Aplicando la musa. Creando verbos en mi vida. Gracias por tu tiempo.

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