To: My Quotev followers

Thank you for following me!! I just got on here 4 months ago and I have 124 followers!!! That’s a lot. I seen people who have been here longer and have 25 followers and stuff.

To: My first follower, Ana

Thank you for making funny story’s and showing me puns!!! Thank you for talking to me. Thank you for making me feel special. Thank you also for chatting with me.

To: XxRedRubiesxX

Hello my friend!! I’m so happy that we are friends. We both have evil thoughts and weird minds. You are the best friend that I could never have in real life. And I’m still calling you, “Rub”

To: Akume From: Alex

Hey… How is it?? I know that we had hard times. Like when we fell in love and then you broke my heart. (Let’s stop talking about that..) Unicorn (Just call her 🦄) was overprotective. She’s weird. She was mean and now she is my lover. ♥️

To: My dearest lover, Unicorn

I love you a lot though you act like a Yandere!! (Are you one??) Just don’t make me go on a date with you again. (I’m sorry for your lost 🐢)

To: The Most Coolest person: Sans The Crayon

Hello my friend!! Love your color!! (Cause your a Crayon) Umm.. We should talk more. And.. QUACK!!!

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