The Right Treatment for Tonsil Stones

Many people are unaware of the fact that tonsils are one of the internal organs present in the throat of every human being. The role they play is to prevent infections by checking the entry of harmful micro organisms into the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs of the body. In their effort to prevent the invasion of micro organisms, the tonsils may get infected by bacteria and become swollen. In medical terms swollen tonsils is known as tonsillolths.A diagnosis of tonsillolths in people refer to tonsil stones. They are composed of calcium and minerals that get stuck in little crevices present in the wrinkles of the throat. These stones are benign growths and not dangerous.

It is important to know the symptoms of tonsillolths, early diagnosis and immediate action to prevent them from growing large. Commonly observed symptoms of stones include severe pain in the throat while swallowing and bad odor in the mouth. Difficulty to swallow develops due to swelling of the tonsil tissue caused by growing tonsil stones. The swollen tonsil tissue obstructs the narrow passage of the throat causing pain.Tonsil stones can grow as large as 40 grams and cause extreme discomfort. Such heavily grown stones are removed by an experienced ear, nose and throat surgeon. This is medically known as a tonsillectomy. This surgery using a mild anesthesia is a simple pain-free procedure. Lean Belly Breakthrough Review Removal of tonsil stones is so simple that people try removing the stones on their own. People who try to remove these stones, are aware of techniques to prevent gag reflexes as these stones are located in the back of the throat initiating such gag reflexes. To avoid the risk of side effects of gag reflex, it is highly recommended to undergo the surgery with an experienced ear, nose and throat surgeon. The numbing medications used during the surgery curb such gag reflexes easing the removal of tonsil stones.