6 Daily Habits of Highly Successful People

This past weekend I spent in a cabin overlooking Big Bear Lake, CA, with six extremely successful and highly evolved women. We came together for the sole purpose of supporting each other in achieving our dreams; our big, bold dreams.

These women are highly successful in all areas of their lives, and they continually stay in the practice of doing what it takes to reach their goals.

There are certain activities that successful people engage in to create and keep their successes going. These are the same activities that anyone can do.

Here are the 6 practices that these women and other successful people do on a daily basis to create the life of their dreams.


People who live their life in gratitude are always aware of what is good in their life.

Because they acknowledge the outcomes of their success, they seek out successes even more. People who are grateful can look at a situation that may not have gone as they wished and keep it in perspective because they notice all the things that did go right.

Practicing gratitude is like working a muscle; the more you use it, the easier and stronger it becomes.


Successful people give themselves a pat on the back when they take steps forward.

Even if it is a small step, it deserves acknowledgment. Any action toward one’s goal is moving them closer to accomplishment.

Acknowledging wins daily gives people the successes they need to keep moving forward.


Without clarity, it is easy to allow ourselves to wander through life aimlessly.

We then can get easily caught up in day-to-day activities and distractions with no sense of direction. Successful people know where they are headed.

Since they know exactly where they are going, they get there much quicker and easier, much like driving with a roadmap.


Successful people know that having the support of others catapults them forward.

They surround themselves with people who believe in them and their dream and are willing to support them in achieving it.

For some, it may be family and friends; for others, it may be a mastermind group of peer mentors who give support and share advice.


Successful people know exactly where they want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, or some other specified time.

They have a written vision that they read aloud daily. They practice feeling exactly what it is like to be living that vision right now as if it has already taken place.

Holding their vision in mind brings focus to those things they can do in the present to bring about that future state.


Successful people commit to their dream as if their life depends on it because to them it does.

To a successful person, a life of mediocrity is not an option. They know what it is they want and the impact they want to make, and they commit themselves completely to the fulfillment of their goals.

They do not quit under any circumstances because they know they have a purpose to fulfill.

Success is not something we are born with, but it can definitely be learned. By observing the practices of successful people and doing the same things, we can achieve whatever we want to in life.

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