On The Subject Of LOVE

On the subject of white folks shouting the word LOVE at all the world’s problems (that they are firmly contributing to), and at having their fuckshit pointed out:

LOVE is not a magic word. When faced with conflict, saying LOVE a dozen goddamn times doesn’t change shit. You’re not opening the arc of the covenant, and people’s faces won’t melt off when you say “BUT I BELIEVE IN LOVEY LOVE 4EVAR!”

We’re not going to curl in on ourselves, then explode with light and float around the room on a cloud of White-Supremacy Magic, then buy you a coke.

You might as well be weaving BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO into a chainlink fence for all the difference that it makes.*

“Hey! You’re hurting a bunch of people right now!”


It’s also a trap:

If you deny all the screeching about LOVE in favor of COMPASSION, EMPATHY, RESOLUTION, CHANGE, and IN DEFENSE OF THE MARGINALIZED WHO HAVE BEEN HURT, them what kind of LOVE-HATING monster are you??

“What? You’re against LOVE? Then YOU are the problem! LOVE is perfect and and pure and the ultimate good! How can you shoot down cries for LOVE unless you are demon straight from the bowels of Hell?! I’M SORRY YOU’RE SO FULL OF HATE!”

It’s a tried and true trick for bringing a progressive thread to a screeching halt. Invoke the word LOVE and derail everything so LOVE AND ALL ITS GLORY becomes the focus.


There’s no better way to cheapen the fuck out of LOVE than the way spoiled, self-absorbed, problematic people use it to suit their evil af needs. It merely *sounds nice*, and we are all conditioned to worship it, chase it, accept it, and respect it without question, no matter what.

LOVE manifests in actions, not in self-congratulatory, self-preserving bullshit.

LOVE is saying NO to those who do harm.

LOVE is showing support to those who truly need it.

LOVE is NOT heaping praise and forgiveness on those who demand it, and demonstrably do not deserve it.

Grow the fuck up.

*Yes, someone (a white woman) ran out to weave the word LOVE into a chainlink fence in response to “how she was treated” after leaping to the defense of an unapologetic racist by going on and on about her “values” and her belief in LOVE.