Gentle Discipline — 1

The Basic Art of Gentle Discipline

There is something noble about the art of discipline.

Discipline, when employed correctly can help us to understand the nature of our own mind.

Rules by themselves help to highlight for us whatever is the distractor at any given moment.

This distractor now becomes an indicator of our personal conditioning. 
To what are we paying attention and why?

Are we willing to dig deeper into that which distracts us? To ask: Why; venture to understand our underlying conditioning?

Are we willing to question our own rote decision making, assumptions and patterned behaviour?

Are we willing to subject our egos to detailed inspection so that they may be bared and understood?

Bared and understood. 
Understood and loved. 
Loved and released.

This is the art of gentle discipline.

Using the rules, as you define them, to bring to light the patterns of the mind and body that comprise your life.

Then, as you come up against the invented notions of failure or success — you could be challenged again to revisit your relationship to these “rules”.

Remember these are rules that you’ve created. 
Created or adopted, one of the two; either way — these rules came from nowhere.
And to nowhere again they can disappear as soon as you let them.

Looking closely, you have the option to choose. 
Which rules are serving you?

You also have the option to choose the words that you say to yourself as you brush up against these imaginary systems.

Your power is greater than you think.

It begins in your mind, it begins with the words-
The process is actually shockingly simple.

The single most important determiner of our reality is the words that we choose to say to ourselves, and our bodies. Those words in our heads.

I ask you now to think gently and kindly. 
Extend compassion towards yourself, as if you were your own parent. 
your best friend.

Knowing that transformation is possible. 
It is within your capability to reshape your reality.

Decide on the reality that you want. 
Then create it, within yourself- towards yourself.

The rest of the world will follow 
Watch and see.

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