Many Medicines

Many Medicines

Each of us has our medicine.

A spoonful of sugar, a hug from our mothers, a run through the forest. 
A tablespoon of something sweet, tangy; a syrup. 
A pill. One dose, two or three.

A shock. A therapy. A light or laser. 
One Course; a week later repeat.

One session or a bundle. 
Guaranteed results or your money back.

If you believe it, it will work.

Of course because that is how everything works. 
Form is empty until we fill it with meaning.

Meaning we created from our belief systems. 
Those of our culture and sometimes if we are lucky;
our very own experiences.

Tabula Rasa. 
As a blank slate what could we create? 
What sorts of worlds could we imagine?

If we could erase all the programming of culture 
only to leave our minds open to infinite possibility.

Miracle Healing, pharmacotherapy, retail therapy
Pet therapy, herbal therapy, alternative everything.

Enter now your the solution to all your ailments.

It’s all the same. 
Part placebo, part reality. 
Our bodies and souls on a journey to ultimate realization.

You are already healed. 
This is your experience of the process. Watch it.

Regardless of the Rx. 
The medicine remains the same
Unconditional love.

As Prescribed by culture
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